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Un supercibo originale

name:  superfood ; Plural:  supercibi ; name:  super-food ; plural:  super-foods
a nutrient-rich food considered extremely beneficial for health and well-being.

Prunes are undoubtedly one of the authentic superfoods  and the California plums represent the best of the best! California, the largest producer and supplier of the best plums in the world, exports its   supercar – known for its extraordinary taste and excellent quality – in 72 countries.

No wonder that Italians are among those who value this nutritious and healthy food most. The California plums are the product par excellence to keep in the kitchen, versatile, perfect to give that extra touch to your dishes as an ingredient for your recipes  or as a  complete snack and to take with you.

Il Consorzio delle Prugne della California

The California Prune Board (California Prune Board) – under the authority of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (California Secretary of Food and Agriculture) – represents all 800 plum farmers and 29 California plum packers , most  plum producer in the world . The superior quality of the product , due to the rigorous harvesting techniques of the region and the very strict quality control assessments of the California Plums is widely recognized

The Consortium is responsible for marketing California plums and promotes the excellence of its plums to consumers and businesses in Europe since 1986. The marketing campaign includes:

  • Advertising, public relations and commercial promotion
  • Market research
  • Research on production, treatment and nutrition
  • Training

Ricerca all'avanguardia

In addition to providing extraordinary plums and playing a key role in the dissemination of the plum product category in Europe, the California Plum Consortium conducts  groundbreaking research of the highest level regarding the many benefits on nutrition and health related to introduction of prunes into one’s diet. The Consortium’s investment in nutritional research has been rewarded with the authorization of the European Commission to use the nutritional indication that eating 100g of prunes a day has beneficial effects on the normal functioning of the digestive system. As a leader in the industry, the California Plum Consortium is committed to working with scientists to check for further nutritional information.

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