Lo smoothie super estivo alle Prugne della California

Lo smoothie super estivo alle Prugne della California
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200 g succo di mirtilli
1 manciata di fragole
1 pesca al liquore
100 g yogurt al naturale
1 arancia senza semi
80 ml succo di Prugne della California
q.b. ghiaccio per decorare


Mettere tutti gli ingredienti in un frullatore e mixare fino a che gli ingredienti non si saranno incorporati.

Versare lo smoothie in due bicchieri e aggiungere del ghiaccio.

Decorare lo smoothie con una foglia di menta o della frutta fresca.

Jennifer Irvine

Jennifer Irvine

Jennifer Irvine, who has written two books, ‘The Diet for Food Lovers’ and ‘Pure Package The Balance Diet’ is also owner of both Balance Box and The Pure Package, nutritious food delivery services which include a raft of celebrities amongst their clientele – from Hugh Jackman to Denise Van Outen. Jennifer is also the mother of four beautiful daughters.
A leading voice in the healthy eating domain and a self-confessed lover of prunes, Jennifer has helped the California Prune Board develop a series of inspirational light recipes featuring prunes and prune juice, both of which offer significant nutritional and proven health benefits.